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Accelerating the Process of Change (when you're working with me)

"Therapy is what happens when you leave my office."

All of my work is about taking you back to your Self, for you to discover and begin developing the relationship with your Self. The relationship is your Self is the "X-factor."

It's when you have a relationship with your Self that you are most connected, creative and empowered to make changes within yourself, your life and relationships; when your sense of wellbeing, purpose and self worth becomes internally based.

If you are meeting me for the first time or wanting to continue working with me, I want you to have realistic expectations. As you know, I'm not going to wave a wand and make everything better and you suddenly manifest the changes you wish to see in your life and relationships.

What you derive from therapy comes down to self-work. Self-work is the key - your level of motivation and the importance you place on developing the relationship with you Self and elevating your consciousness.

My job - the therapist's job - is to create a safe space for you to open and explore your inner experience, to make your unconscious conscious, and, in the process, empower you and inspire your creativity; to hold up a mirror up for you to awaken your consciousness, see and embrace your Self.

Keep in mind, however, that the burden of responsibility for change ultimately falls on your shoulders, as well as your motivation and commitment to lifelong Self-work and to manifesting how you want your life and relationships to be. I'll be your guide and with rigorous Self-work, you will become your own guide.

Individual, couples, family and group therapy are viable forms of self-work that occur in the context of therapy with another person or persons (as opposed to with one’s Self solely).

Meditation, daily mindful practice; reading, writing or another creative outlet, are alternate forms of self-work you can do solo. You must be committed to practice, to always be developing the relationship with your Self, in and out of therapy.

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